Success is Unstoppable – A Conversation with Bruno-Elias Ramos
Publication: February 2009 – Venue Negocios
Bruno-Elias Ramos is a registered architect and licensed general contractor who earned his Master in Architecture and Bachelor of Design from the prestigious University of Florida. Some of the most recent awards at BEA Architects include: The 2008 Chicago Athenaeum Award (An international design award) for the FIU Graduate School of Business, the Florida Educational Facility Planners Association Award of Merit for the FIU Graduate School of Business, The AIA (American Institute of Architects) Award of Excellence and the PCI Award for Precast Architecture for Cruise Terminals F&G. The PCI Award for the Precast Architecture was awarded for the FIU School of Architecture and an honorable mention of excellence was granted by the AIA to BEA.

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